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Your DOJO App.

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Your Academy. Your Students.
Your DOJO App.

The DOJO App is 100% unique for every academy that uses it. That places your brand front and center. Your academy gets its own app in the Google and Apple app stores that your students can download straight to their phones. The app carries your brand, your logo, and your data, making it easy for your students to find you among a fray of other academies.

Be Light On Your Feet.

Running a martial arts academy isn’t easy, but it should be simple. The DOJO App is the key to mastery. In a digital world, you can automate your operations with a simple, on-demand app that your students can carry with them wherever they go. Maximize your revenue, stream line your operation, and save time so you can focus on what matters: your students.

Breaks Boards,
Not the Bank.

Managing an academy has time and labor cost. The DOJO App is slim, efficient, and cost-effective.The DOJO App costs just $99 a month for your first academy and just $59 a month for every academy after that. The app is free to use, and your students won’t have to pay a dime. The DOJO App is proven to increase your event revenue by 25%—we know because it works for many clients.

Mastery Made Simple.

The DOJO App is packed with features. One or multiple schools, it doesn’t matter. Your students will find every tool they need to stay in touch and master their training in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Maximize referrals, book birthday parties and private lessons, sell all the gear your students need to succeed, and much more—all managed from your academy’s administrator dashboard.

Essential School Communication Tool.

The DOJO App makes it easy to comunicate with your students by Push notification or text. Students can easily find your contact information, including social media links like Facebook and turn-by-turn directions to your academy.

Packed With Features

Students Expect mobile access to resources. Now it's easy with The DOJO app.

Powerful, Impactful Instruction On the Go.

Video solves the biggest instructional challenge you have: how to help your students practice what you teach them.

  •  Uploaded videos are instantly available to the students.

  •  Update, sort, and manage videos from your administrator dashboard.

Schedule and Pay for Events Simultaneously.

With The DOJO App, your students can sign up and pay for events, classes, Proshop items, and tournaments as soon as you post them, all from one easy-to-use screen. With an integrated calendar tool, they can add the event info directly into their iPhone or Android calendar.

No Absences, Only Advancements.

The DOJO App puts your class schedule right in the control center, so your students will always have easy access to the most up-to-date schedule of classes. That means that you and your students will be able to focus on regular training, and they’ll get that much closer to higher ranks with each class they take.

Effortlessly Build Enrollment.

  •  Maximize your referrals with an easy-to-use invite-a-friend referral tool.

  •  A customizable banner makes it easy to implement a rewards program.

  •  Book reservations or private lesson right from the app.

Instant and Direct Announcements For Free.

Send push notifications and text messages directly to your studentsat no additional cost to keep them up-to-date and informed on everything they need to know, including tournament results, scheduling changes and cancellations, holiday closures, and more.

All of Your Student Resources in One Place.

Training equipment, student handbooks—mastery requires the right tools and the best information.

  •  Sell gear and equipment with payments that process in The DOJO App and deposit directly into your school bank account—secure, fast, and easy.

  •  Upload student manuals and advance-
    ment requirements.

  •  Oversee everything from your admin-
    istrator dashboard.

Easy to Find, Easy To Contact

The DOJO App makes communication with your students easy, its easy to find your announcements, contact information, social media links like Facebook and turn-by-turn directions to your academy.

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